Middle River Veterinary Hospital

252 Rolla Mill Road
Verona, VA 24482



24 March 2020

To all Middle River Veterinary Hospital Clients and Visitors, 

First off, we are OPEN and here to provide ESSENTIAL health services for your pets. 

So that we may continue to provide care for your pets, it is critical to keep our doctors and staff healthy and safe from Covid-19. We are, therefore, tightening our Covid-19 safety protocols. 

Starting immediately, no clients will be allowed in the building. 

Please call us from the parking lot, and we will send a staff member out to pick up or return your pet to you. We will also deliver medications and food to your vehicle. 

The doctors and staff will communicate with pet owner by phone. 

Payment shall be made by phone using a credit/debit card or care credit. If you are not able to use electronic payment, please discuss this with our client service team prior to your appointment. We will no longer accept in-person payment with cash or personal check. 


In response to Governor Northam’s order to postpone nonessential services, we will not be scheduling elective procedures – this includes healthy pet spays, neuters, minor lump removals and wellness dental care. We will continue to perform essential surgical and dental procedures as needed. If you are uncertain about whether your pet’s care should be postponed, please discuss your concerns with our pet care team.


Examples of Essential Pet Care: 

                Puppy/kitten vaccines and deworming               

                Any pet due for rabies vaccine update


Any pet with a problem causing discomfort – dental disease, ear infections, allergic skin disease, lameness, new skin lumps, wounds and other minor traumas. 

Any pet showing signs of illness – unexpected weight loss, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, labored breathing, changes in urination or defecation, behavior changes, seizures, etc. 

If you are unsure whether your pet needs to be seen, please call us, so we can advise you appropriately. 

Thank you to all of our clients and friends who are trying hard to help us stay in business during this crisis. Adhering to these safety protocols is critical to keeping MRVH open and here to care for your pets.


Stay safe, and wash your hands! 

Dr. Dobyns and staff

Middle River Veterinary Hospital